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Keeping The Books NE, LLC

Where Every Cent Is Accounted For

Professional Bookkeeping Services

“My mission is to remove the burden of bookkeeping for new and growing businesses; resulting in accurate financial reporting; allowing business owners to make sound financial business decisions, based on real-time financial information.” – Marsha Thayer, Owner


What People are saying

accounting Lingo

TAlk the talk

We make decisions daily based on our business’s finances. Shouldn’t we understand the lingo?

Questions? Here are some answers

I have put together some of the common questions I get about my  services.  If you have any additional ones, please ask!

About ME

Bookkeeping is My life

Marsha Thayer


HI! My name is Marsha Thayer. I have been “Keeping The Books” for over 10 years. I understand chaos, disorganization, and being just plain overwhelmed. I get it. I believe all businesses can be streamlined and more efficient if they are willing to change. YES, that’s right, I said it. CHANGE. If EFFICIENCY is what is needed in chaos, then change MUST happen. There’s no getting around it.

Each Client is Covered By My $1,000,000 Certificate of Insurance

So, last year I decided to open my own bookkeeping business to help new and growing businesses change; build efficient, simple, accurate bookkeeping systems and financial reports.

I have worked within many different industries over the years and that experience has given me insight into the best solutions for new and chaotic growing businesses. One size does not fit all.

I am a producer of efficiency, simplicity, and accuracy! I love it.

Please take a moment to read my reviews and I hope to be working with you soon!

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Keeping The Books NE

Is it finally time to leave the bookkeeping to the bookkeeper and focus your energy on your business?

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